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Fast Forward Marketing is a Full Service Marketing Company that specializes in Website Design / Development and Internet Marketing. We are creative professionals and experts in our industry; we are designers, artists and programmers as well as business men and women.

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Who we are

Award winning designs taking you from unknown to unforgettable. In business since 1999, FastF provides high-quality websites, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimzation (SEO) and other marketing services to small businesses.

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What we do

From basic websites to creating new company branding, rehabbing a company's branding, to complete marketing packages, FastF offers a varitey of services. Most clients come to us for websites (including online stores) or internet marketing.

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Our clients

Fast Forward Marketing has clients in a wide range of industries, from fishing boat captains to attorneys and international medical equipment manufacturers. Our experience is particularly deep in health care, real estate, construction trades, tourism and recreation, staffing, and B-to-B marketing in general.

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Our Methodology

At FastF, we have a certain way of doing things. But our main priority is that they get done and that they get done right. We offer comprehensive packages for our services including web design and internet marketing among other services, packages that have proven time and time again their worth.

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What's different about FastF: Why We're Better

The small business is typically very badly served in their marketing needs. Since they don't have in most cases, knowledgeable marketing personnel, they are prey to every con artist and incompetent smooth-talker in the marketing world. Many of these are in fact large, big-name companies or ones with a slick front.

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Because we are a small company, every employee in the company wears many "hats." Every employee is essential and must do their job with intelligence and take responsibility to ensure actions don't get dropped or "fall between chairs."

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Employee Testimonials

Fast F is truly a great company to work for, and I've been here six years now, hired first as a designer and now as the company's Art Director. President, Rich Byrd, actually appreciates every one of his employees and it shows. I am always listened to, and my expertise is taken seriously. This is not common to most companies and is a big reason I've stayed with the company for so long. The environment is laid back, and casual which fits me well, but at the same time, Rich expects his employees to be productive." - Pat Floyd, Art Director

I came into Fast Forward Marketing at a critical time in my life, and it’s been nothing but a successful road from the beginning. Interviewing with Rich was so good we ended up talking for over two hours. I have grown a lot with this company and it has grown with me. I believe very much in this company, its founder, what we do and how we do it. I love working for Fast Forward Marketing and I plan on being here for a very very long time." - Dolvin Todd, President

The first thing that impressed me about Rich Byrd before I interviewed for a position with him was his philosophy statement; which you can read here. I’ll admit; I wanted to be around to watch him back it up! To my astonishment, he has not only backed it up, he hasn’t let me down once in his integrity, fairness, patience, willingness to go the extra mile and downright passion for what he does. He not only welcomes ideas from his staff, he encourages it with great enthusiasm! He also encourages our growth, education and communication with daily staff meetings; that make for a well rounded team, where we all know what is happening with our clients.

"There are a few factors that are apparent in every one of our staff. Pride in the quality of work we turn out and the fact that we not only want our clients satisfied; we want them happy! This stems from an ‘old fashioned’ sense of pride behind our names and what will be associated with it. Plus, we enjoy the feeling of being thought of as unique, as that sets us apart from the norm.

"I landed this position after being laid off from my former company, praying that it would turn into a blessing. Not only is it all that and more, its opportunity! I can honestly say that I get up every morning and look forward to coming to work. I love it here!! We work hard; we get along great together and have a well-oiled machine. Rich, you’ll have a hard time getting rid of me" - Diane “Pepper” Pitts, Customer Service Manager

Client Successes (a few samples)

In today’s world, the web presence of a company is mandatory.  It has become a major influence on a potential client’s judgment of the company’s ‘image’.  Clients subconsciously determine a company’s solidity, reliability, and maturity based on first impressions from a web site; the internet having become the standard media from which information is gleaned.  When we reached the point in our development where we were ready to reach out to a wider audience, we knew that a web site would be an integral part of the plan.

"An internet search looking for a local business that could help us led us to Fast Forward Marketing and we decided to work with them.  We simultaneously needed brochures, a trade show booth, and a web site to direct people to for more information.   The work that the team at Fast Forward Marketing provided us with allowed us to project as mature and professional of an image as we could given the youth of the company, all with a cohesive design theme."

"Along the way since teaming up with them we have needed help with several technical issues such as email migration from our old server, which had previously been set up to secure a domain name for the company and provide ourselves with company email addresses. The team was always swift with a response and solution, in a professional and friendly manner."

"Although most of our business is not derived from leads made through online advertising, the web site has played a key role in establishing our image projection to the world, and for that we are grateful to Fast Forward Marketing for their artistic and technical expertise in making that happen."

Robert Olexy, President, ReGen LCC, Bradenton, FL

I am the owner/operator of a small, tourism-based business, serving the Tampa Bay area for over 40 years. Like many other business owners who rely on website traffic, I have recently become more aware of the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)."

"Having become frustrated by my competitors' websites consistently producing better results than mine on various search engines, I decided to look for someone to help my business in this critical marketing area. This is how I found Rich Byrd at Fast Forward Marketing."

"We first agreed upon a basic SEO update on my business' website, and the initial results were nothing short of amazing: My site suddenly jumped to the top of a number of search engine rankings where it had previously been hard to find, while also dominating some search results where it had been completely absent!"

"At first, I hired Rich only to help with the SEO issues I was having, but soon realized how invaluable his spectrum of marketing knowledge is. Rich has now redesigned and rebuilt my website in order to enhance search engine rankings further, as well as creating a much more attractive, customer-friendly site."

"I am still awestruck with the look of my website. I cannot believe I waited even a month to have him redesign it. I cannot find a nicer looking website from any fishing company.;
Furthermore, I have consulted with Rich quite a few times regarding other business issues. Even with the state of economy today, Rich has helped my business realize a significant improvement in revenue in just one quarter!"

"I consistently find Rich and his team at Fast Forward Marketing practicing the utmost in professionalism and courtesy, and displaying a broad knowledge of business marketing techniques that are ever so important in today's electronic business world. I would highly recommend their services to any business in need of any level of Internet marketing or consulting."

Eric D. Spaulding
Clearwater Marine Enterprises, Inc. DBA Queen Fleet Deep Sea Fishing

Fast Forward Marketing built our new website from scratch and the results are everything we expected from a thoroughly professional outfit.

"Rich and his whole crew were excellent to work with, guiding and coaching us to quickly develop the “artistic look” that we envisioned.  They also had all of the expertise needed to quickly set up our Webstore.  I was pleasantly surprised to find our site ranking on page 1 of search results in key local and national desired marketing areas in the second month of operation.

"Working with Fast Forward marketing was a pleasant and rewarding experience.  I recommend them wholeheartedly."

Tim Pierce, Operations Manager

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Richard R. Byrd

Bill Todd

Shawn Warmouth
Vice President

Pat Floyd
Art Director

Alex Vera
Website Designer/Developer

Diane "Pepper" Pitts
Office Manager

Jared Murawski
Project Manager/Copywriter

Office Mascot


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