Pat Floyd

Art Director

Pat grew up in Temple Terrace, a suburb of Tampa. He attended both Florida State University and the University of South Florida. Obtaining a B.A. in mass communications, Pat pursued knowledge on both sides of marketing and media, being the form and the function. Educating himself in and out of school, he developed skills in videography, graphic design, and web design.

Pat has been at FastF since 2005. As art director, he is responsible for developing a concept and then designing marketing materials from that idea. This includes designing and building websites as well as a wide variety of print materials from stationery and brochures to advertisements and tradeshow booths. All of this done with a client's marketing objectives in the forefront.

Pat is an award-winning web designer, having won several acclaimed Addy Awards, as well as W3, MarCom, Hermes, Davey and GDUSA Design Awards.

A seventh-generation Floridian, Pat was born in Jacksonville, and raised in Tampa. His mother's side of the family was one of the first to settle Key West (Curry). On his father's side, Pat is a direct descendent of General William Floyd, 1st New York Signer of the Declaration of Independence. Pat has been heavily involved in the creative arts since a young age including art, music, writing and culinary. He has been in bands since the age of 15; playing bass in the first in high school, and lead guitar and backing vocals in the second, Area 51, which lasted ten years and achieved attention at international levels, but never signed.

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