Our Philosophy

At Fast Forward, we believe in delivering the goods to our clients. That means we never, ever recommend or accept payment for a project we don't feel will benefit our clients.

It means if you, the client, want something we don’t think is advisable, we are going to be very vocal about it and why not.

It means that we don’t take your money then cheerfully wait for you to supply materials and don’t care if it takes a year or two or never.

If you don't have a finished project - a website up and launched, your site successfully optimized and getting high search engine rankings, the design completed and printed it doesn’t matter why. We will nudge, bug, harass and assist to get the materials, information and answers we need so YOU get what you were looking for.

Many of our clients will attest to the extraordinary lengths we have gone to in order to get the job done.

We have to live with ourselves. This is how we do it.

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