Richard Byrd


Richard R. Byrd is the founder and CEO of Fast Forward Marketing, a boutique marketing agency located in Tampa Bay, Florida, specializing in Trade Show and Internet Marketing for small and medium sized companies.

Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, where he attended the University of Chicago, he was for many years an executive in a wide variety of organizations and industries. Starting in 1997 he brought that experience to bear as the owner of a general business consulting practice. Clients included hundreds of companies in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, services, construction, real estate and other areas – with issues from personnel, finance, organization, to sales and marketing - from one-man-band to New York Stock Exchange listed in size – and in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America and Australia. Finding that clients needed first and foremost better marketing, he formed Fast Forward Marketing.

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His strategizing solved the mystery of two years of flat sales in a division of an International corporation, leading to renewed growth and highest ever sales. He developed and led implementation of a marketing strategy for a small manufacturing company that took them from $1 million in debt to solvent in less than a year. He built an online store for a manufacturer’s first efforts in direct-to-consumer marketing – that equaled the company’s wholesale profits for the year in just 4 months.

His company’s innovative trade show exhibit concepts and ancillary materials have repeatedly flooded clients’ booths with prospects. Their Internet Marketing projects have regularly met targets with as much as 95% of targeted search terms landing on page one for Google searches. And custom websites designed from a strategic view of company’s marketing efforts repeatedly improve business development processes measurably and markedly.

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