Client Testimonials: Internet Marketing

Optimizing their click ad campaign...

I've been watching it and you've done an amazing job - thank you so much for getting that fixed! All our stats are climbing back up again which is what we really needed to happen."

James Horton
MadHatterr Games

Handling being blacklisted by Google...

I just googled 'Tampa Business Attorney' and noticed that is on first page of results. First of all, that's awesome! Great job! The good news keeps rolling in. You probably already know this, but is showing up as first result when googling our names. Our practice areas are showing up on first page like 'tampa landlord tenant' or 'tampa business formation'! Keep up the great work!!" 

Jeffrey Lieser
Lieser Skaff

We have a small company with a limited advertising budget and have wasted money on Google and Yahoo pay per clicks with very disappointing results. Our Company’s website was designed by my son and needless to say he is not a website designer so we needed help.

A representative from Fast Forward Marketing managed to get my attention at a Home Show where I often feature my products. I gave him our website to review and to get back with me on any thoughts of how Fast Forward Marketing could improve our website and help our company capture our share of potential business using the internet.

I am now extremely satisfied with the professional appearance of our website which helps bring credibility to our company in a very positive way. I am also very satisfied with the staff and their level of concern for our company's needs. We will be moving forward with having Fast Forward Marketing implement their plan to propel our company to the top of any web search regarding our business category.

Stephen Masker
President, CEO
South Florida Water, Inc

I am the owner/operator of a small, tourism-based business, serving the Tampa Bay area for over 40 years. Like many other business owners who rely on website traffic, I have recently become more aware of the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We first agreed upon a basic SEO update on my business' website, and the initial results were nothing short of amazing: My site suddenly jumped to the top of a number of search engine rankings where it had previously been hard to find, while also dominating search results where it had been completely absent!

At first, I hired Rich only to help with the SEO issues I was having, but soon realized how invaluable his spectrum of marketing knowledge is. Rich has now redesigned and rebuilt my website in order to enhance search engine rankings further, as well as creating a much more attractive, customer-friendly site.

I am still awestruck with the look of my website. I cannot believe I waited even a month to have him redesign it. I cannot find a nicer looking website from any fishing company.

Furthermore, I have consulted with Rich quite a few times regarding other business issues. Even with the state of economy today, Rich has helped my business realize a significant improvement in revenue in just one quarter!

I consistently find Rich and his team at Fast Forward Marketing practicing the utmost in professionalism and courtesy, and displaying a broad knowledge of business marketing techniques that are ever so important in today's electronic business world. I would highly recommend their services to any business in need of any level of Internet marketing or consulting."


Eric D. Spaulding
Clearwater Marine Enterprises, Inc.
DBA Queen Fleet Deep Sea Fishing

From a car parts company...

Our site has now doubled in traffic since you recreated it for us and started on the search engine optimization (seo)!" 

- Chris Dunn, President,
Lincoln Land, Inc
(Note: Lincoln Land, Inc., is one of the most popular companies in the world for both classic and newer Lincoln automobiles and parts.)

From a company selling talking pens and dolls...

Richard at Fast Forward had to "twist my arm" (Ouch!) to convince me to put my site up, and I kept grumbling that it was probably a waste of my money. Boy, was I wrong about that one!  I made a year's worth of profit in less than 3 months, running this site part-time, and it's been a load of fun."

- Jay Kamhi,

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