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I absolutely would not have a successful website if not for Fast Forward Marketing & PR. Rich had to "twist my arm" (Ouch!) to convince me to put it up, and I kept grumbling that it was probably a waste of my money. Boy, was I wrong about that one!  I made a year's worth of profit in less than 3 months, running this site part-time, and it's been a load of fun. The great thing about a retail site is that the money comes to you NOW, not in 90 days like most of my wholesale accounts.  And the profit is much higher with less investment required on my end.

"Fast Forward LOVES what they do, and it shows in their enthusiasm for their clients' projects.

-Jay Kamhi,

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Your website is exceptionally well done, and the handling of the Nacho [Libre] property is truly wonderful." -Entertainment industry executive

It's the best website I've ever seen." -An artist

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