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I was looking for a company to update my pest control company web site and do some SEO for us, so I asked a friend with a successful flooring company, to see who they used. Without hesitation they said FastForward! When I asked if they were effective, she stated, “There wouldn’t be food on the table had I not found Rich”. I soon found out how right she was. The economy was terrible at the time and our phone started ringing. After about 3 months, when the effects of the SEO kicked in, it was like drinking from a fire hose – our statistics charts went vertical."


Michael Piacenza
Advantage Pest Control
Your Safe Choice Since 1989
727 542 8201

I am the owner/operator of a small, tourism-based business, serving the Tampa Bay area for over 40 years. Like many other business owners who rely on website traffic, I have recently become more aware of the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We first agreed upon a basic SEO update on my business' website, and the initial results were nothing short of amazing: My site suddenly jumped to the top of a number of search engine rankings where it had previously been hard to find, while also dominating some search results where it had been completely absent!

I consistently find Rich and his team at Fast Forward Marketing practicing the utmost in professionalism and courtesy, and displaying a broad knowledge of business marketing techniques that are ever so important in today's electronic business world. I would highly recommend their services to any business in need of any level of Internet marketing or consulting.


Eric D. Spaulding
Clearwater Marine Enterprises, Inc.
DBA Queen Fleet Deep Sea Fishing

From a Book Printer...

For over 30 years, we did business the old fashioned way. We knocked on every door in town and business fell in our lap. But after watching most of our local business go away and our revenue shrink, we realized that we needed to change with the times and explore internet marketing.

Fast Forward Marketing has completely changed us as a company, and given us a world wide presence. Our business has doubled!

Working with Rich (Fast Forward’s owner & creative director) could not be easier. They’ve helped us with our website, with our marketing, and helped us grow in both the local and international markets. I would fully recommend that anybody looking for help in web site design or internet marketing to give Rich a call. We sure are glad that we did.

Billy Ashby
A&A Printing

From a car parts company...

Our site has now doubled in traffic since you recreated it for us and started on the search engine optimization (seo)!" 

- Chris Dunn, President,
Lincoln Land, Inc
(Note: Lincoln Land, Inc., is one of the most popular companies in the world for both classic and newer Lincoln automobiles and parts.)

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