Client Testimonials: Trade Show Booth Design

In today’s world, the web presence of a company is mandatory. It has become a major influence on a potential client’s judgment of the company’s ‘image’. Clients subconsciously determine a company’s solidity, reliability, and maturity based on first impressions from a web site; the internet having become the standard media from which information is gleaned. When we reached the point in our development where we were ready to reach out to a wider audience, we knew that a web site would be an integral part of the plan.

An internet search looking for a local business who could help us led us to Fast Forward Marketing and we decided to work with them. We simultaneously needed brochures, a trade show booth, and a web site to direct people to for more information. The work that the team at Fast Forward Marketing provided us with allowed us to project as mature and professional of an image as we could given the youth of the company, all with a cohesive design theme.

Along the way since teaming up with them we have needed help with several technical issues such as email migration from our old server, which had previously been set up to secure a domain name for the company and provide ourselves with company email addresses. The team was always swift with a response and solution, in a professional and friendly manner.

Although most of our business is not derived from leads made through online advertising, the web site has played a key role in establishing our image projection to the world, and for that we are grateful to Fast Forward Marketing for their artistic and technical expertise in making that happen.

Robert Olexy
Bradenton, FL

From a national company in the construction industry...

Trade Show Booth DesignWOW!  The booth looked great and attracted plenty of attention. I received over 50 compliments for the tower

I was really impressed with your work on this. The booth worked very well even with no staff present. We were missing lots of promo each morning."

Durable Restoration

Trade Show Booth DesignFrom a supplier to health care practitioners...

As you know, we just returned from our state meeting and I wanted to thank you and your staff for providing us with great marketing materials and booth display.  Your advice and experience has been terrific and spot on.  The ideas you had to drive business to our booth and the appealing design kept us busy the entire three days of the show.  When I returned from the meeting, one of my colleagues asked how it went in the exhibit hall because they had several vendors confiding in them that the show was slow and that there wasn’t much business.  I had no idea, thanks to you, we were so busy the entire time, I didn’t even have a chance to walk around and check out the rest of the exhibitors.

Two and a half years ago, I told you my goal was to be doing business with you twelve months later.  Well a lot more time has passed and I am delighted with your efforts, but I take the results to the bank!

Dr. Bob Levine, Icon Orthotics

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