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This knowledge-base is part of our ongoing effort to provide a complete library of information on what the small businessmen needs to know about marketing. ?Shorter articles as well as time-sensitive postings, material for clients, etc., can be found on our blog.

We know being small business owners ourselves just how busy you are. Not every entrepreneur is a marketing genius themselves, but it is difficult to flourish and prosper without good marketing. Actually, we like to say: You know your business. We know marketing. Together, we make a?marketing genius for your business.

You probably don't have the time nor perhaps the inclination to become marketing experts yourselves. You don't have to be. You do need to know enough not to be a sucker when you buy marketing services.

It is to our benefit to have you educated enough to recognize good marketing when you see it. It is to your benefit and ours for you to know enough about marketing to do a competent job of purchasing marketing services.


BRANDING — What Is It, And How Does It Affect The Success Of Your Business?
Brand is Important
Consistency & Authenticity
Design Elements
Branding Visuals


The Color Green
The Color White
Readability of Text
Logo Design
Types of Logos
Designing Logos: Rules to Follow
Understanding the Design Process
Graphic Design Competitor Research

General Marketing

Getting Started

What is Marketing, Anyway?
Marketing Your Business: Getting Starting


Spend Your Marketing Budget Wisely
More on Marketing Budgets
Get the Most Out of Your Marketing Dollar By Being a Good Client

Your Marketing

My Marketing Isn't Working!!!!
Business Development
Marketing, Visual Impact, and Cleverness
Visual Impact
Fads and Trends
Cause, Buzz, Underground and Stealth Marketing
Copycat Marketing
Targeting Your Demographic
Make it Personal
Campaign Marketing
10 Hot Tips For Creating Advertising That Really Pulls
What's the WEAKEST LINK in Your Marketing "Chain"
What's Your Marketing IQ?

Internet Marketing / SEO


Google Knows Where You Are
Google Resellers
Make Google Happy
Google Snippets
Ten Reasons For Running A Well-Managed Google Adwords Campaign
"Tricking" Google
Google - Where Are You Searching From?

Paid Listings

Click Ads
Organic SEO vs Click Ads
Click Ads - A/B Testing

Email Marketing

Email Broadcasting Successful Pattern
Email Broadcasts: Deliverability
Email Newsletters

Social Sites

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research
Review Websites and Their Impact on Your Business
New Technologies - The Face of the Web
Effective SEO Can Be Bad Marketing
Click Ad Campaigns - Budget Limited
Link Building Value
SEM versus SEO
Duplicate Content & Search Engines
Seo & Site Structure
Local Versus National Internet Marketing
Websites - New Versus Repeat Business
Make It Easy
Above the Fold
Website Moves and Changes
Joomla and Search Engines
Directory Listings

Elements of SEO

Website Keywords
Websites: Titles, Titles, and Titles
Description Meta Tag
Dashes Versus Underlines in Website Page Names

Marketing Strategy

One-Two Punch
Why You Need A Unique Selling Proposition (USP)


Website Design

Website First Impressions
Website Home pages
Print versus Web
Industry Website Copycats: To Sheep or Not to Sheep...
Effective Websites
Lighting a Fire - Websites and the Marketing Chain
Website Display: You Are Not in Control
Web Safe Fonts
Monitor Size
Monitor Resolution

Effective Tools and Techniques

Testimonial Pages
Photo Galleries
Long Copy Versus Short Copy
Building Interest With Your Website


Apple Not Supporting Flash
Flash and the Mobile Web


Hosting Services Matter


Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates

Self Builders & Content Management Systems

WordPress: Blogging Software Used as CMS Websites
Intuit Websites
GoDaddy's Website Tonight
Joomla and Search Engines


Changing Website URLs

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