Choosing Your Website Address and

Domain Registration

An important consideration in building an effective website, is its address, or URL.  Consider these three possible URLs for a website selling donuts:


Which is the best? The second,, is easiest to remember and spell correctly.

We know the ins and outs of choosing the best available URL, and will assist you with this, or, if you already have a URL, will advise you if it needs improvement.

Once it is chosen, you then have to register it.  Domain registration reserves your site name (such as and informs computers world-wide where to find your site.

Registration is done through one of several Internet Registrars and typically costs less than $15 per year. We can take care of setting this up for you.

In registering your site, we are usually listed as the administrative and technical contacts; you are listed as the owner and billing contact.

Registration needs to be renewed yearly. You?ll receive notification by e-mail and we will too, so we can make sure this doesn't lapse. You will also have your own log-on which enables you to make changes in the domain registration if you need to (which can include taking access away from us).

Please call if you have any questions about this.

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