Branding is Important

Most small businesses really don't get into branding at all.

There are several reasons for this, I believe.

Few people understand the subject or why it is important.

Another is that most traditional, big-agency, Fortune 500 advertising doesn't do much with branding. There are many exceptions, but there is an amazing amount of incompetence at a level where it isn't a question of money.

A third reason is its an intangible. If you buy help with your branding, what are you buying? Most likely you are getting a document, a position paper more-or-less that outlines what you should be doing with your marketing.

It's not like you pays your money and you can see the postcards go out or the website go up.

The fact is, branding is huge and if you are AT ALL into marketing your business, products or services, this is something you should think about, pay attention to, and work on. Or pay someone who is a pro at it and get the help to develop EFFECTIVE branding that makes your marketing a success.

The fact is, you have branding whether you like it or not. The only question is whether your branding works.

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