Branding Visuals

I know I've commented on this before, but I think I maybe have a better way to communicate it.

Branding visual elements, such as your logo and color scheme, have one purpose and one purpose only.

So that viewers recognize it is YOUR marketing.


If they can recognize your marketing, that helps in several ways:

1. Every time they see an ad, package or whatever, it increases confidence. Just the fact that they see you over and over again makes people accept that you are real, trustworthy and here to stay.

2. As they see your message over and over, or use your products or services, they connect it with your brand so come to know what you stand for (or at least what you say you do) and associate it with the visuals.

So that when someone sees the Starbucks logo hanging outside a storefront, they know they can walk in there and order a double-decaf-soy-latte-machiatto, that they'll like the way it tastes, that it will cost them $4.73, and that there will be comfortable chairs they can sit in while they consume their drink.

All the other things people try to do with branding visuals are a wasted effort. Sure, a logo or color scheme does have connotations to it. But that is more about avoiding a potential negative than creating a valuable positive.

Don't use a skull and crossbones in your food logo (unless you're selling hot sauce).

Stylized illustrations of happy people hugging each other are not going to sell more health insurance.</blockquote>

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