Branding Your Products Or Services

The term “brand” has come to mean: what you stand for, what you are known for, what you are associated with -- the distinct and recognizable qualities, features, tangible and intangible elements that people think of when they hear the name of your brand, or see the visual marks of your brand (typically, a logo). It is these attributes, plus the emotional connection consumers have with a brand, that people are referring to when they talk about the "personality" of a brand. If Rolex put out a cheaper or lower-end watch to compete with Timex, its brand would start to erode or weaken. Its “personality” would be different.

A great example of a brand is “Starbucks.”  Its branding elements consist of, among other things, its name, logo, colors, coffee, the ambience of its individual stores (not necessarily their airport outlets) which are very people-friendly and people-oriented (wireless internet connections, seating arrangements, etc.). These elements form key parts of Starbucks' brand – its personality.

Brands are built from the outside in, seeing yourself from the user or consumer’s viewpoint, not from management’s . Brands are built over time for the long haul. But a good way to kick off branding is to be newsworthy by being the first brand in a new category.

A Good Way to Start Creating Your Brand

To start creating a brand you need to determine what is UNIQUE or SINGULAR about your product or service. After all, a brand is supposed to identify your service or product and differentiate it, make it stand out from others in the crowded marketplace. Once you have delineated that uniqueness, you can attach other branding elements to it.  If you can't come up with anything meaningful that is unique or singular about your offerings, either dig deeper or realize you have a basic marketing problem and get some professional help.  

Branding doesn't just mean getting your name out all over the place. Anyone can do that, even if they don't have any brand to speak of. So that's more of an awareness campaign.  Better to create an awareness campaign centered on your brand.

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