Campaign Marketing

Marketing for maximum effect should be done in campaigns.  A campaign is an organized group of marketing activities designed to build on each other.  It is not a bunch of random efforts – post cards, TV ads, whatever catches your fancy at that moment. 

Furthermore, a campaign needs to start with certain things understood.  Who are you trying to reach?  What service or services, product or products are you trying to interest them in?  What buttons (words or phrases) will catch their interest?  What is the message which, if you get it across, will increase the interest of the potential buyer and build their trust enough to pick up the phone and call you (or purchase on-line, walk into your shop or a retail store)?  What imagery, colors or other graphic elements will tie all the parts of the campaign together?  What sequences of actions are prospective buyers going to take (such as hear about your product, find your website, call for more information, make an appointment)?

Only when you have all that worked out (and agreed on by all those involved) can a campaign be developed which makes sense.  Now you can establish your budget, work out the various elements of the campaign and design and execute each part of it – and really make your marketing dollar pay off [picture of Icon Orthotics booth mobbed].

(The recent launch for Icon Orthotics was a good example of this.  We began in November with a survey which established vital parameters for their campaign, such as:  the launch should be done at the state Podiatrist’s meeting in mid-January; they should feature their 100% money-back guarantee; they should offer a free pair of orthotics to interested Doctors; and they should inform the Doctors in advance with a personal letter that they would be at the show.

We then designed and had created or printed all the materials for the show, including the booth display art and handouts, and advised them on how to work the show.  We have pictures documenting their booth mobbed with interested persons while the booths of their 7 competitors at the show were lightly visited if at all.)

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