Click Ad Campaigns - Budget Limited

If you are running a Click Ad campaign (Pay-Per-Click, such as Google AdWords), a key question is, are you budget limited?

If you have a daily budget and it is running out before end of the day, you are spending too much per click.


This can be very dramatic. We've seen people pay more than three times what they needed to per click.

The main reasons and remedies are:

  1. Too high a maximum cost-per-click bid. Why pay for a high position only to have your daily spend run out before noon? Spend less, get a lower position, and get more clicks.
  2. Poor ads reducing click through rate so you spend more to get the clicks, or waste money on garbage clicks.
  3. Low quality score, so you spend more per click.
  4. Poor choice of campaign settings such as areas where your ads run.
  5. Not using negative keywords to minimize garbage clicks.

Sometimes you are trying to spend as much as possible - usually in a situation where you are selling a high end item to a limited public. In all other cases, the ideal scene is for your daily budget to run out at one second to midnight every day.

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