Click Ads

One of the most productive Internet Marketing resources is Click Ads. This is the same as a pay-per-click, cost-per-click or sponsored link. Google calls them "AdWords".

You may need to try different variations of the wording in your click ads to determine what works best for you.? It is also the quality of the clicks you want to monitor, not just the quantity. You want to determine which clicks bring them to your site, keep them there and generate a purchase or contact.

Once you’ve determined which ads work best for you, you will want to concentrate on those topics and wording in other areas as well such as emails, newsletter sign ups, phone campaigns, etc.

The idea behind this is not just to have the general population click on your ad, but to get real prospects to actually visit your website and take action. Click ads don’t have to be a huge expense, but you do need to make sure the clicks are productive to the point of more than paying for themselves.

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