Copycat Marketing

It is common for everyone in an industry to copy each other's marketing.

All the websites look alike. Everyone does billboards (badly).

There are two big problems with this:

1. What makes you think what everyone else is doing is sensible?

In industry after industry I find gross marketing errors being made by "everyone."

2. If you do and look like what everyone else is doing, how are your prospective customers going to notice you or remember you as different than your compeititors?

I understand why people do copycat marketing. Not being marketing experts themselves, they figure it is safe to imitate what others are doing. It must be working, or they wouldn't keep doing it, right?

If only.

The worst of it is the sellers of marketing services are doing the same thing. Not being marketing experts themselves, they sell businesses websites that look like others in the industry. That's safe, right?


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