Designing Logos: Rules to Follow

To avoid creating unnecessary problems in the future, there are some simple rules that must followed.

1. Make sure logos are designed in such a manner that they will work in two colors as well as black and white.

2. Don’t have your logo look overly ‘busy’, or it can be distracting. Don’t try to make it contain too much information. You can try to work a logo too hard.

3. More often than not, most logos more attractive in appearance if they extender wider than they are in height. Logos are often most used in that kind of situation. The main exception to that may be emblems.

4. Whether looking at a logo from a distance, close up, or at-a-glance, you want to sure it works well.

5. All text needs to be readable, no matter what the size. Frequently, many different sizes are used, but that can create problems. Keep in mind, you don?t want the difference in the sizes between the text to be much more than 2 to 1.

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