Duplicate Content on Your Website & Search Engines

Here's a search engine strategy that long since passed its sell-by date. Have pages on your site which are duplicates of each other except for different keywords in the heading and page name.

The theory is it bulks up the site (gives you more pages) plus gives you individual pages for important keywords.

I saw this the other day: A 100 page website, but the content was all clone (duplicates) except for 9 pages. They had multiple copies of a page, one would be for Largo, one for Clearwater, one for Tampa, etc. Or one for water damage, one for flood damage, and so on. Most of these pages were linked only from a site map, on which the background and text color were nearly identical (why they did that, I have no idea).

Remember, Google has hundreds, maybe thousands of full-time researchers devoted to improving Search. The goal is serving up what the people are looking for.

So what do you think their algorithms made of this? Do you really think Google hasn't long since figured this one out?

On rankings, that website is having its butt kicked by a 13 page website.


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