Fads and Trends

If you are going to do effective marketing you should be aware of fads and trends and the difference between them.

Marketing fads occur when people imitate other marketing efforts because they think they are working or just don't know what else to do. We see this where whole industries all have a similar look to their websites. When we first did an automotive parts industry website, we surveyed other sites. Almost all of them were done in hideously clashing primary colors. That's a fad.

The nice thing about a fad is that all you have to do to stand out from the crowd is to do something sensible instead.

That is very different from trends. The kind of thing that makes narrow ties look old-fashioned makes almost any website done 3 or more years ago look out-of-date. Technology does this as well as design ideas that catch hold.

A cell phone from the early 1990's looks out-of-date not only because technology has made them much smaller but because the kind of look that says "high tech" has changed.

Following a fad is like following the lemmings over the cliff and into the sea. Following the latest trends can make you look hip and can contribute to achieving the marketing result you seek.

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