Flash and the Mobile Web

While still a low percentage in most situations, more and more people are accessing the web using their cell phones and new devices such as the iPad.

As with any new technology, there are questions of compatibility and usability.

The biggest issue was bandwidth and screen size. Simplified mobile versions of sites were common and still often available but this is less of an issue with faster mobile connections and larger screen sizes as well as more capable browsers.

One issue is not a matter of technological capability but of policy.

That is Apple's refusal to support Flash in its mobile devices.

This is a BIG deal when you consider that Apple dominates the smart phone category, and when you consider how normal the use of Flash is.

- Flash is the closest thing to a universal technology for viewing video. 98% of all computers have Flash installed. YouTube videos are in Flash.
- Flash is very widely used in website menus.
- Some whole websites are done in Flash.
- It is a common tool for other forms of interactivity and motion on the web.

How will this all shake out?

Stay tuned.

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