Google Resellers

There are some 30 Google official Resellers - ReachLocal and SuperMedia are two of the more well-known names - that set up and run click ad campaigns (Google AdWords),

They often imply they have a special relationship with Google which enables them to get you lower prices or better rankings whereas that is simply not true.

In fact, they mark up their prices (the same prices you would pay if you purchased your ads direct from Google), sometimes 60% or more from what they are paying for the clicks.

Usually, they don't tell you their markups, or even what search terms they are running ads for.

In March, Google started to address abuses in this area.

Here's a recent update on this scene.

The Right Way to Do It

At FastF, you pay Google (or other search engines) directly for your clicks. No mark-up. We charge a stated management fee for a detailed scope of work that extends far beyond click ads to all the other factors that affect not only the amount of visitors you get to your website, but the amount of business it generates.

We also provide complete transparency. Each month you get a full set of reports on every aspect of your program. See for yourself if we are delivering the goods.

And there is no contract commitment period, it is month-to-month.

We feel this is the right way to do it and how every Internet Marketing company should be offering their services.

Consider this a challenge. Let the battle be in the world of results, not smoke-and-mirrors.

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