Website Snippets on Google Results Pages

"Snippets" is the term Google uses for the two lines of description about a website that it displays on a search engine results page (SERP).

This is one of the most neglected and most important aspects of Internet marketing. Everyone knows about the importance of high search engine rankings.

If you think of this in terms of traditional marketing, the title, snippet and URL listing - the complete display on the results page - that is your advertisement!

What would you say to someone who put all their effort into making sure their ad reached as many people as possible and just threw together the ad?

It is actually worse than that since if you don't make a conscious and competent effort to control your snippet as well as the title and also what page it is that shows up in the search results - then you aren't creating your ad at all!

The results are likely to be less than spectacular.

Your listing has to compete with as many as 9 other natural listings, 10 paid (click ad) listings and possibly several local search results.

Why should the searcher click on YOUR listing?

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