To Sheep or Not to Sheep...

... That is the Question.

Every time we go into a new industry we find everyone imitating what everyone else is doing. All Lawyer's websites look the same. Here in Tampa Bay, the big money is being spent by attorneys on billboards, Yellow Pages ads and TV. Why? Someone started doing it, and kept doing it, so people guess it must be working.

So is this a good idea, because that way you meet people's expectations, or because someone must know what they are doing?

Here's what Jay Abraham (one of the great marketing gurus of recent times) has to say on this point:

"When you limit your business to doing things the same way every other competitor of yours does, you can only produce modest, incremental gains -- at best. At worst, you could easily lose ground." (from "Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got".)

I agree. So it may be "safe", but is that good enough? If you are in trouble, or ambitious, the answer is no.

Be smart about it, but stand out from the crowd.

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