Long Copy Versus Short Copy

There are many debates over which is better, long or short copy. The answer is ‘yes’ to both.

For instance, on a website home page, short copy is best. But then for a sales letter, long copy can be better.

Long copy gives you the opportunity to present your sales pitch in its entirety, at the same time overcoming objections, repeating key points and presenting all benefits. If someone is interested, they will keep reading.

But long copy can be intimidating to some people, your key points can get lost and reduced size of text could mean reduced impact.

One of the best tricks, one that is especially workable with a brochure, reaps the benefits of both long and short copy.
So go ahead, write your long copy. Then pull out all your key points, list them in headings, subheadings, and in the first paragraphs of sections.

You might be surprised how well that works.

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