Making It Personal

Simply put, marketing is communication. It can be mass communication, but it is still communication. The larger the crowd at the receiving end that take it personally, the more effective it will be.

This tells us that the spotlight of your website or advertisement shouldn?t be on you, your products or your services. You want to direct it to your potential customer, client, or patient and their concerns, needs, desires, problems or wants. What benefits are you offering them to satisfy those areas? Remember that your marketing has always got to be about your prospects’ interest, not yours.

When you sit down to write copy, you want to think of it as a personal communication, one-on-one. Will your information reach out to them in some way they can relate to? To do that, you want to make sure your information is not coming across stiff and impersonal, such as corporate language.

On your website, you will only get them to read your "About Us" information if they are really interested in what you are conveying to them. So, reach out to them in a manner that grabs their attention, and speaks to their desires.

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