Spend Your Marketing Budget Wisely

How you market has to be gauged to fit your budget. Marketing materials and activities that make sense when you have a million dollars to spend, would be a complete waste of time and money when you only have a thousand dollars to spend. Partly, because of what is known as “noise level.” The average American consumer reportedly is exposed to over 3000 marketing messages a day through commercials, signs, billboards, fliers, email, snail mail, radio ads, etc. So he’s learned to “tune them out.” It takes sharp impingement and frequent repetition before someone even notices you are communicating.

If your budget is too small for the medium you are using, you don’t just get a weak response – you get no response. It’s like whispering at a crowded party. No one hears you.

$3000 a month might buy you 30 thirty-second spots on cable TV. That sounds like a lot until you realize that is one commercial a day, running at different times of day throughout the month, possibly on different channels. The same amount of money might get 10,000 flyers hung on people’s doors – most of which will get noticed. Of course, door hangers might not be appropriate for advertising every product or service. But you get the idea.

This is why marketers are always trying to invent new ways to reach people – marketing channels that aren’t so crowded, so it is easier to get noticed. Five years ago you never saw ads on the floors of a store. Now they are common.

(If you are dealing with, for example, a salesman for a TV station, of course they are going to tell you how wonderful TV would be for you. As the old saying goes, to a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail. At Fast Forward, we have a full tool box. We recommend a particular marketing method only because it, in our expert opinion, is best suited to your product and situation.)

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