Test Your Marketing IQ

Answer these questions to see how much you know about some important aspects of marketing. NOTE: You need to KNOW the answers, and know that you know them. That's why you won't see any answers to these questions posted. You either know, or you don't. And what you don't know is costing you money!

As we always tell our clients, the biggest (and hidden) expense in your business is the money you could be making, should be making, but aren't. It's easy to overlook, because it isn't there!


1. How much more response can you expect from running a full-page ad instead of a quarter page ad (a full-page ad can cost three times as much as a quarter page ad)?

a. 125% (an extra 25%)
b. 150% (an extra 50%)
c. 200% (double)
d. 300% (triple)

2.How much does it really matter whether you translate product features into human benefits during a sales presentation or in marketing materials and ads.

a. It always matters
b. It’s always a good idea to do so, but it's not crucial
c. It always matters except when targeting professional or technical buyers such as engineers, or enthusiasts

3. In direct mail advertising (such as post cards, sales letters and the like), while all of the following are important things to consider, rank them in order of their importance:

a. The mailing list (who it’s going to)
b. Your offer (what is intended to make the reahotder respond now
c. The design, copy and format of your promotional piece

4. Which of these is unimportant in the sales cycle or “funnel”

a. Acquiring lists of “suspects” (potential prospects)
b. Contact suspects
c. Identifying prospects
d. Interviewing prospects (finding what they need or want)
e. Sales presentations
f. Closing prospects
g. None of the above
h. All of the above

5. What’s a USP?

a. Universal sales proposal
b. Unique selling proposition
c. Universal sales prescription
d. Unique sales promotion

6. What’s the ABC triangle that’s key to closing sales?

a. Ambition, Boldness Creativity
b. Addresses, Businesses, Customers
c. Attributes, Benefits, Confidence

7. Which of these is, overall, the best type of headline in advertising, based on years of research by direct marketers?

a. Storytelling: “How I went from bankruptcy to wealth in 90 days”
b. News: “Announcing… a car battery that lasts a lifetime”
c. Curiosity: “Do you make these mistakes with your employees?”
d. Benefit: “Earn extra money at home – in your spare time”
e. Advice: “Seven tips for more effective marketing”
f. Testimonial: “I made $40,000 in five minutes while sleeping”

8. What are some key words to use in your ads and promotional material?

a. you, money, free, easy
b. now, people, save
c. who, why, how, how to
d. big, handy, useful, secret
e. all of the above

9. Is it better to run one larger ad or two smaller ads in the same magazine, yellow pages or newspaper?

a. One larger ad
b. Two smaller ads
c. Either

10. How many times, on average, does a retail ad have to run in a local newspaper before someone will respond to it by calling or walking in?

a. Three times
b. Nine times
c. Twenty plus times

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