My Marketing Isn't Working!!!!

... I often hear.

I've written before about the first element of successful marketing: volume. There is no such thing as successful marketing that doesn't involve a volume of "impressions" - a technical term for the number of eyeball pairs you are (potentially) reaching with your marketing.

But let's say you ARE getting a volume of reach with your marketing, and little to no response? Here's a short checklist of the BIG REASONS why:

1. Potential impressions aren't real. If you send out 5000 emails and 3000 of them don't reach because of bad email addresses, and 1500 don't reach because of spam filters, that's not 5000 impressions - it's 500.

2. Product or service no one wants. I'm sorry but the greatest marketing genius in the world is not going to have much luck selling buggy whips in Detroit.

3. Bad choice of marketing channel. Not all impressions equal all other impessions. Good example: we were working on a new product release for Podiatrists (foot doctors). There's a magazine they all read, so you'd think ads in the mag would be a natural. Nope. Market research found that Podiatrists don't want to find out about new products in the mag; they want to find out about them at trade shows. They ignore the ads.

4. Poor choice of headline, composition or offer. Everyone is overwhelmed with all the advertising they are exposed to. If you don't grab eyeballs and hit them right away with something that makes them stop and look further... they are gone.

5. INSUFFICIENT REPETITION. Marketing is not a one-shot proposition. The other part of making it through the noise of the some 3000 advertising messages a day the average person receives, is repetition. You have to repeat your message over and over for it to come up on people's radar screen.

Overall, you have to have an approach that takes the reality of these points into account. If you don't have the budget for a lot of repetition in a TV ad, don't run TV. If you don't know what to offer your potential buyers, don't know what will make them respond, don't know if they even want your product - you'd better do some market research before you blow money you can ill afford to waste, on advertising that is little more effective than if you wrapped the greenbacks in a brick and threw it overboard.

An obvious answer is get a professional onto it for you. Of course, nearly every businessman has been frustrated by hiring someone who was supposedly a marketing professional and going to give them great results, only to have it fail miserably. Unfortunately, most marketing companies are selling smoke and mirrors. But if what they have to offer doesn't pass the test of sheer volume plus these 5 points, chances are you should take your business elsewhere.

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