Marketing, Visual Impact and Cleverness

Too often, those creating or purchasing marketing services judge an item only by its visual impact or cleverness.

This is known as The Curse of The Clio - that being the marketing world's version of an Academy Award.

Visual impact is an essential element of good marketing (except for radio of course!), and a good dose of cleverness can turn a boring item into an outstanding one.

But a high percentage of Clio winning agencies, lost the account for the ad that won them the award.

"I like it" "Cool!" or "WoW!" are not adequate endorsements of a marketing product.

The true test is will it accomplish its purpose - to create want and sell something!

So how do you know if a marketing piece will work well? There's a lot to that. Here at Fast Forward, though, we have a simple answer:

Follow Fast Forward's advice.

After all, you hire us because we're marketing experts, right?

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