Photo Galleries

Many types of businesses should have photo galleries on their websites. Cosmetic surgeons, florists, website designers, building contractors - if your product or service can be shown off with images, it should be.

Some photo galleries are Flash slide shows. That doesn't do the trick as people want to be able to look at the pictures they choose to, for as long as they want to.

The best arrangement is in albums, by subject, with large enough thumbnails that you can see what you are looking at, that you can click on or rollover to bring up a full size image.

Albums and images should have descriptions, even a paragraph or two long. That is for the visitors, to tell them what they are looking at. It is for the business owner, to tell the viewer what to think of the picture, as a sales tool. And it is for the search engines, which work on words, not pictures.

For the search engines, pages should be correctly named and title and meta description tags should be individually editable for each album and image.

The whole gallery should be easy for a business owner to make changes themselves, so that they don't need to send to their webmaster every time they want to add an image or change a description.

Finally, the whole thing should be pre-programmed so it doesn't cost an arm-and-a-leg, and should be usable on most hosting setups.

Now do you know how many photo galleries satisfy all of these requirements?

That I know of, exactly one, FastF's own proprietary program. We had to get it programmed ourselves because we couldn't find a program out there which does all this.

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