Readability of Text

This is an area that doesn’t get addressed nearly as often as it should: Readability.

You may have some interesting material, but if it is difficult to read, people won?t take the time to review it. So sometimes, there isn?t much use for cool-looking fonts or designs.

Here is a basic guide:

  1. Black type on white or dark on light background, is easier to read than reversed lettering such as white type on black background.
  2. Elderly people need larger type print and more contrast than younger people. Keep in mind, with most marketing, it is not only the young that will be reading your material, so make it readable for all.
  3. Low contrast of text to background (regardless of color) makes it more difficult to read. Example: A medium blue against a medium red shade.
  4. Serif fonts are easier to read than sans serif, unless the print you are dealing with is very tiny print or low resolution (as in non-HD TV).
  5. Standard capitalization is easier to read than other, non-standard capitalization or ALL IN CAPS.
  6. Anything other than left-to-right standard text is going to be more difficult to read, such as following a curve or vertical text.
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