Targeting Your Demographic

Do you have a profile of your typical buying public? Age, income, etc. for consumer purchasing? Company size, industry, key positions to reach within the company, etc. for business-to-business?

Once you do, you try to concentrate your marketing to get exposure with that demographic.

But you AIM your marketing not at them but at who they want, hope or wish they were - but not unrealistic or out-of-reach.

For business-to-business that means your marketing looks like it is for slightly larger or more prosperous companies. If your niche is companies up to 20 employees in size, look like your clientele are companies with 10 to 50 employees. Not 1000 and up. People will think you're too expensive or not tuned-in to their needs.

If your consumer marketing is aimed at younger individuals, look like you are for slightly older ones. If you're going for high school kids, look like you are for college kids.

When the target market gets up towards age 50 and up, look a few years younger.

In almost any market, look a bit more upscale than you really are.

How does this apply to your business?

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