Even the smallest of companies benefits from good branding.

One non-negotiable element of good branding is consistency.

That means at every instance where your business contacts potential customers - or even your own staff, vendors, etc. - your company, product or service has the same look and feel.

Most people understand that for your ads, direct mail and websites - that they should have a similar look, forward the same message, and so on.

But there are many others of these "touchpoints" . Here's one (certainly incomplete) list of such:

1. Websites
2. Corporate identity materials (letterhead, business cards, envelopes, etc.)
3. Brochures
4. Trade show displays
5. Ads (print, radio, TV, Internet)
6. Billboards
7. Signage
8. Vehicles
9. Office or store design and layout
10. Uniforms
11. Equipment
12. Product packaging
13. Sales materials (sell sheets, line cards, order forms, Powerpoint presentations, etc.)
14. Point-of-Purchase (POS) displays
15. Promotional items (hats, t-shirts, cups, buttons, coasters, refrigerator magnets, etc.)
16. Direct mail
17. Door hangers
18. Other Internet (directories, portals, search engine listings, blog postings, webinars, etc.)

Every one of these where you have a presence, can be turned to your advantage, often at no or little additional expense, by making sure brand consistency reigns.

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