Titles, Titles and Titles

There are three things on a web page, all of which can go by the name "title."

They are about the three most important elements of a web page.

Most CMS (Content Management Systems) use the same content (and name) for all three.

And yet, and yet, they are NOT the same thing and you don't necessarily want them to be identical.

1. Page Title. This is the line of copy at the VERY top of the screen (above the browser menu / tool bars and everything). It is determined by the "title tag" code. It is the single most important thing Google looks at to determine what your page is about. And Google usually picks it up for the first line of your listing on a search results page.

Because of its location, most people aren't aware of the page title on their screen. So Google can downgrade or even ignore the page title if it doesn't match the other content of the page.

2. Page Name. This is the URL (address) of the page, such as "marketing.html." Again, search engines consider this an important clue to what the page is about. So page names like "page37.php" are not going to buy you any rankings. Also you can lose people with completely unfriendly page names like "z132503577.asp" - page names should say what they are, and they should be as short as is realistic. Use a "-" or an "_" to separate words, for example, "tampa-marketing.html/"

3. Heading or Headline. The first, large copy in the main content of the page, could also be called its title, just as it would if were a scientific paper or perhaps newspaper article.

Again, it is a big clue to Google what the page is about. Oh yes, and to the visitors.

Let's call it the headline and make it say something. "Welcome" not only doesn't buy you any search engine rankings. It doesn't give the notoriously skittish website visitor any reason to stick around.

We have shot a website up from obscurity to excellent search rankings just by editing the home page title tag.
Like I said, three of the MOST important things on a page. So worth paying attention to.

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