Email Campaigns - Do They Still Work?

We all hate spam!  Just like we all dislike junk mail that comes via the post office.  But a good general definition for both spam and junk mail is "incoming communications that are of no interest or importance to you - usually from individuals or organizations you've never heard of."

Think about this:  If you receive an offering in your daily "snail mail" that is of interest to you, you probably put it in your "A" pile - things you want to look at in a minute or so, or perhaps later in the evening.  Everything you are NOT interested in goes immediately into your "B" pile - normally referred to as the waste basket. Correct?  Many people sort their incoming snail mail standing over a waste basket. Fact.

The point being, it's not "junk" if it's of interest to you. Or if it's something you need.  Or if it would solve a problem you have.

Email is very similar. But there is one big difference.  It's more in your face, because it's right there on your computer.  Inside your computer. The annoyance factor can be much greater than receiving junk snail mail. Sometimes you can even feel like you're being "hit" by it. And, let's face it, how many offers do you really need to receive about Viagra, body-part enhancements, and so on.

So... do e-mail ads work?  Yes!  In fact, according to a Wall Street Journal article, appearing in the St Pete Times on November 28, 2005, a Forrester survey of 137 online retailers showed that, on average, consumers open up advertising emails at a rate of about 33% and "unsubscribe," or ask to be taken off the mailing list, at an annual rate of 9%.  Shoppers click through to retail sites at an average rate of 11%, and place an order at an average rate of 4.3%, according to the Forrester survey.

In the same article, Scott Key, vice president of business for Gap Inc's online division is quoted as saying,"because the cost of (e-mail) distribution is so inexpensive, you have the opportunities to tailor messages."

So the other side of the email "coin" is that, because it is sort of in your face, if you can offer people something they actually could use and are interested in... it's very easy to get their attention.  Providing you know what you are doing.

Just as in direct mail, there is a real know-how connected with running a response-generating email campaign.  And it consists of much more than just having the right email list.  You have to frame your offer correctly, you have to write subject lines very carefully - ideally, based on a survey (which we can conduct for you via some tests on the internet - or through traditional personal contact or phone surveys), and you have to avoid spam filters that can filter out even wanted email. 

You normally need a "landing page" on a website that people go to by clicking a link in the email. The landing page has to do a great job of presenting your offer, creating want and getting visitors to take the desire action.  And you can't send a large email outflow from any old place.  Some Internet Service Providers have blacklisted certain e-mailers because they are spammers. 

As you can see, there is a lot to know in order to run an effective opt-in email campaign.

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