For over 30 years, we had done business the old fashioned way. After watching most of our local business go away and shrinking revenue, we realized we needed to change with the times and explore internet marketing. Fast Forward Marketing has completely changed us as a company and made us a world wide presence. Our business has doubled and working with Rich could not be easier." -Billy Ashby, A&A Printing

Every year, companies from small home-based businesses to the largest Fortune 500 multi-national corporations are shifting more and more of their marketing budgets to Internet marketing.

The simple reason is this: more and more, that is where prospective customers are looking.

What was a "Gold Rush" in 1997 more of a hope than a reality is now a mature marketplace where companies that know what they are doing can find prospective customers, provide them the information they are looking for, and get them to connect up by phone, with newsletter signups, contact forms, online stores, etc.

Yes, you can get rich online. But, like the original Gold Rush, most prospectors trying to mine for business online get nowhere. It takes real know-how and a lot of work.

Our Internet Marketing program covers every aspect necessary to achieve success online - from improved search engine rankings, through making sure that visitors to your site stick on your site and can easily take action to contact you or make a purchase. And our program has no required committment period.

Search Engine Optimization: Getting High Search Engine Rankings

The organic SEO listings are free and are the result of Google’s analysis that first, your site is on the subject of what is being searched for. How important Google’s algorithms rate a page then determine how high up in the rankings your page shows up.

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Pay-Per-Click: Appear in Searches Instantly

With "pay per click" or "cost per click" ads, your ad starts showing up in searches within 15 minutes. You pay a certain amount, which you determine, each time someone clicks on your ad that takes them to your website.
Many effective Internet marketing strategies use a combination of pay-per-click and natural SEO. The same information is needed to effectively market both ways starting with research. And while organic rankings are free, it takes a while to achieve high rankings.

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Local Listings: The Real Online Yellow Pages

Local Listings are another important method of Internet Marketing for many companies. These are listings on Google and Yahoo, their version of an on-line Yellow Pages for companies offering goods or services which people will be looking for locally (as opposed to the types of things where people don?t care where you are).

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Directory Listings and Other Links: Build Traffic AND Rankings

Many industries have websites that feature listings of businesses specific to that industry. These can be an important source of business. If you're clever you'll also get listings and links to your website from news websites, fan sites and anything else that relates to what you do. These are valuable potential sources of visitors to your website as well as assisting your search engine rankings. We work regularly to add listings and links for our Internet Marketing Program clients.

The Visitor Experience: How Not To Waste Visitors

What happens once someone DOES arrive on your website? Does it do everything possible to nurture interest and build confidence? Or does it blow the visitor off with confusing navigation, failure to answer their questions or other errors nine out of ten websites make?

Does your website make it easy for visitors to contact you?

Uniquely, our Internet Marketing program uses sophisticated web analytics to track what happens to visitors and then takes corrective action to improve the percentage of prospective customers who stay on your site and eventually contact you or purchase online.

Email Marketing: Stay in Touch With Prospects and Customers

Email marketing is amongst the most effective methods of advertising if it is done right. There is a great deal of know-how to doing it right, but at Fast Forward we have the experience and know-how to design, send, and maintain lists for email broadcasting, for lists from a few hundred to tens of thousands.

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Other Ways To Market Online: The Scene is Constantly Changing

Other forms of Internet Marketing include banner ads (including blog ads) directory listings, articles and other publicity, and social networking such as Facebook and Twitter. Any and all of these can be wildly effective, but they can be expensive or very labor intensive.

What works best varies depending on the nature of your business, your prospective customers and competition.

The main point is if you do not have effective Internet Marketing going on, you can pretty much guarantee you are missing out on a huge amount of business or you're wasting a chunk of your marketing budget on less effective methods.

Every year Yellow Pages books, newspapers and other traditional media raise their prices and deliver less effective advertising results. They may not disappear but they are losing importance almost day by day. Don’t sink with them. Call us if you think Internet Marketing could hold potential for you.

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