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Truth is In the Numbers

At FastF, the truth is in the numbers. Comprehensive tracking and analysis of statistics based off several categories from unique visitors to which pages are being visited and exited will keep you informed on what is, and isn’t, working for your website and what direction you need to go in terms of the structure and promotion of your website.

At FastF, we utilize a program called Hitslink to track the statistics of the visitors and searches to your websites. While it doesn’t boast the big name that Google Analytics has, we find it an easier and more thorough third party program to use.

?Hitslink is a more information-sensitive program than Google Analytics, meaning that you and your customer’s information will not be used in any other way than to inform you of how your website is doing, especially in terms of being shared with your competitors.

Hitslink’s information is refreshed in real-time as opposed to Google’s once-a-day refresh which gives you more accurate and timely results. Not only is Hitslink’s information more accurate, it is also more extensive, and gives us every available statistic we could need to inform you of how your website is performing.

Remember, when using Google Analytics, that Google is the head honcho when it comes to search engines. If you use Google Analytics, they will know all of the information that is recorded which could lead to biased results, higher prices for ads and more advertisements for your competition as Google stores your visitor’s information and tendencies.

While Google Analytics is the cheaper alternative, we believe that Hitslink is the superior program and completely worth the price. We at FastF want to give you every bit of detail that you, and we, need to make your business and website more profitable.

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