Marketing Strategies

Plan it!

Here's how NOT to market: run off half-cocked in all directions throwing stuff out there, hoping it will work... followed by realizing you've spent a lot of money with few or no results to show for it.

Now here's a better way to go about it:

  • Research the market to determine where your most fruitful market(s) plan and strategy in tampa
  • Learn all about the people who make up that market.
  • Come up with a product or service that meets the needs, wants or demands of the greater portion of that market.
  • Look over your resources and figure out the most cost-effective means of reaching your market with the correct message that will elicit the response you are seeking (leads, sales, walk-ins, whatever).
  • Brand your company and its products and/or services.
  • Get the creative together (ads, copywriting, commercials, marketing pieces, sales letters, pay-per-click internet ads, what-have-you).
  • Start promoting and test and track everything!
  • Make changes according to what the stats are showing you.

It all starts with observation and planning and an eye on finances. Fact is, almost any plan would be better than no plan.

A brilliant marketing plan/program properly implemented can result in sound, overnight expansion of a business. A good marketing plan properly executed results in stable expansion. A good marketing plan poorly executed usually doesn't accomplish much. A dull, but workable one, properly implemented, just takes longer.

action plan for new business opportunityAt Fast Forward, we are very experienced at coming up with good strategic marketing plans and implementation programs based on facts and good observation. We track results and report them so there is no opinion or guesswork as to whether the program is working.

For internet marketing, in addition to our own hard-won knowledge, we use a sophisticated suite of programs to make your internet marketing work well from start to finish.

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