Brochure Design

Brochures are workhorse marketing items, useful in a variety of ways.

They can be designed to be mailed out by themselves or stuffed in envelopes with letters. You can hand them out to everyone you see, give them to happy customers to pass out to their friends. Leave stacks of them with businesses that offer your products or services. Or include them with proposals. Every brochure out there is an ambassador of your business, starting to introduce your company, product or service to the public.

Every business needs one or more brochures.

Well designed brochures work great with websites as a sort of 1-2 punch. The brochure starts to introduce you to prospective buyers. Many of them will then go to your website to learn more, and, if your website is effective, to call you.

Basic, 8-1/2x11 trifold brochures are very inexpensive. At the high end, brochures can be as fancy and expensive as you like, with multiple sheets, fancy paper, cutouts and the like.

Websites and brochures can be done together as part of an economical marketing package. Since the look and much of the content of the website will be duplicated in the brochure, for consistency, it takes little extra work to do both as part of the same project.

What are the elements that make for a great brochure? Punchy images that grab a reader’s eye. Headlines and “break-out quotes” that say what the reader is thinking and stir their interest. Effective, not “throwaway copy” that continues to build interest and credibility and answer readers’ questions.

Fast Forward provides all of these. We’ll guide you every step of the way in providing effective content, choose or help choose images, help write headlines and copy if desired. And we can get the piece printed for you inexpensively.

Click on the images or view our brochure portfolio to see some samples of the kind of pieces that result.

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Brochure Designs

Brochure design for Insta Green
Insta Green
Brochure design for Ultima Skin Therapy
Ultima Skin Therapy

Icon Orthotics brochure (gate fold)
Brochure design for Biosphere International - click for larger view
Biosphere International
Brochure design - Horizon Environmental Construction Services - click for larger view
C&N Foundation Technologies
Brochure Design for Expedited Title Services
Expedited Title Services
Brochure design for Durable Restoration
Triangle Development
Brochure design for Biosphere International - click for larger view
Biosphere International
Brochure design for Durable Restoration
Durable Restoration
Church Restoration
Brochure design for Durable Restoration
Durable Restoration

Historic Restoration featuring
Frank Lloyd Wright
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