Postcards & Direct Mail

Does direct mail still work today?  Yes, definitely, it does - IF you know what you're doing. If you don't, there's no faster way to burn through a marketing budget than direct mail campaigns that don't pull customers.  The cost of the printing and postage can really add up, if the mailings don't generate the returns you need.

We Love Postcards!

Well-designed postcards can be a very effective way of getting your message out to your prospects and customers.  By "well-designed" we are referring to the graphics, the message and the call to action. 

What are you trying to tell your customer or prospects?  What's your message? And, most importantly, what is your offer to your customer? 

At Fast Forward we know what it takes to create postcards with hard-hitting, effective messages and other direct mail pieces that make people pick up the phone or go to your website.

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Foot & Ankle Specialists Postcard

Foot & Ankle Specialists Postcard

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