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Give your tradeshow booth or exhibit one cohesive look and feel that will attract the attention you're after and seperate yourself from your competitors. Make a great first impression at your next tradeshow with your tradeshow display by Fast Forward!

Tradeshow booth Display Design

Trade Show Booth and exhibit Design

The ideas you had to drive business to our booth and the appealing design kept us busy the entire three days of the show." -Icon Orthotics

Trade shows and exhibitions can be a major source of new business for many companies. So the trade show booth design or exhibit design is often crucial to the success of a company. A major trade show is an expensive undertaking, and while there can be tens of thousands of attendees at one, you are often competing for their attention with hundreds of other competitors. Strict rules often limit what you can and cannot do.

The first and toughest job of a expo or trade show booth is to catch people’s attention and make them stop and take a closer look. Our expo booth displays are famous for doing exactly that. Additional goals for the trade show booth display, handouts and other items are to make you stand out from the competition, forward the branding of the company or product, and to assist the sales force in achieving their goals.

Sometimes, especially in consumer shows, the booth and sales force are there to make sales and show a profit. More often, all you are trying to do is get the company better known with key target markets, to accumulate information on potential customers, and to develop leads that can be followed up on after the show.

At Fast Forward we know the trade show beat. We can provide a full-range of tradeshow support including booth design and production, handouts and other materials, and advice on how to run the trade show booth for maximum effect. Following are some samples of our trade show booth designs.

10' x 10' Trade Show Booths

Adaptive Payments  Trade Show Booth Design
Adaptive Payments

Laser Connection Trade Show Booth Design
Laser Connection
Booth designed for environmentally friendly printer cartridges.
C&N  Trade Show Booth Design
C&N Foundation Technology
SCI Trade Show Booth Design
SCI & E Drive Technology
Pop-up trade show booth design for a Geneva trade show.
Portability was a key factor in this design, so four individual lightweight popups were utilized.
Icon Orthotics Trade Show Booth Design
Icon Orthotics
panel trade show booth design
Expo Booth Design
RefTec International (air conditional service equipment)
Panel Trade Show Design

Single Pop-up/Table Top Trade Show Displays

Exact Recruiting Pop-up Display
Exact Recruiting Pop-up Display
Tec-Link Table Top Display
Tec-Link Table Top Display

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