Marketing Surveys: Case Studies

The surveys we did were the key to unlocking what approach to take with potential clients because we know from the surveys what they wanted and what they didn’t, (unlike all my previous marketing attempts)." -Bob Levine, Founder and President of Icon Orthotics

Survey Case History # 1

We at Fast Forward Marketing did a research project for a doctor in Florida who was launching a new product for his fellow practitioners. The purpose for this survey was to provide enough information to conduct a successful launch. We wanted to know what to say and how to say it that would generate the best response.

The survey results indicated that the product launch, to be effective should occur at a trade show. Luckily, a major annual meeting was coming up. Using what the survey told us about his prospect clients’ attitudes, we designed their booth, all handouts.

The surveys told us that any sort of bulk mailing would never be seen by the Doctors, so individually addressed and signed letters went out to all potential attendees. We also knew what kind of an offer would be appealing.

Though the entire project was started only a few weeks before the show, and their booth location was mediocre as a result of their late reservation, it was wildly successful. Their booth was mobbed throughout the show, and their sales volume jumped 40% in the next month and has increased each month since. See what they had to say, click to client Testimonial.

Survey Case History # 2

This national business-to-business client was getting a very poor response to their mailings. The executive in charge of marketing and business development had some ideas on why this was, but wasn’t sure, and wasn’t able to convince management in the absence of solid information.

To get the answers we had to speak to mid- and upper-level executives in companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations.

Amongst our survey results, we found a large portion of their direct mail wasn’t even reaching targeted markets due to poor list quality. In addition the vast bulk of what was being sent – at great expense – was not something that the recipients were going to be interested in. It just wasn’t the right approach.

We confirmed the marketing executive’s guess that there was a problem with the company name – and management, with proof in hand, was now willing to listen to the necessity of a name change.

Other information gathered was what forms of marketing would be welcome, what were the exact concerns of their potential clients, and what would build confidence in them.

Survey Case History # 3

We did a series of surveys for this high-end specialty construction company with offices in 4 states. Using the results of the survey we advised a name change and guided them through the resulting re-branding process, including designing and building a new website.

We completely reworked their direct mail campaign, cutting out mailings to certain lists, adding in new ones and changing mailing frequency of others, and completely redesigning mail pieces. We made changes in other parts of their marketing budget, and launched them into national tradeshow venues.

As a direct result, their cost per lead was materially reduced and the number of leads from the Internet increased by some 500%.

Survey Case History # 4

A large series of surveys was conducted for a large ($100 million +) condo development project. These surveys characterized demographics of potential buyers. Additionally we developed a large amount of information on what would make the condos most salable, what amenities were most wanted, what features buyers would be willing to pay for, etc.

Information from the surveys was used to determine the sizes of units, number of bedrooms, as well as what amenities would or would not be included in the project.

Survey Case History # 5

Not all survey results give you the data you want to hear but they will always save you money in the long run. This client had a new product they wanted to launch. After an extensive national survey of his target market it was actually discovered that an add-on product was more appealing to his market than the main product. With this information he was able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in a product launch that would NOT have brought in the revenues he was expecting.


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