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The latest mobile web stats show that over 40% of smart phone users browse the mobile web or use apps. How are those 40% arriving at your website? By 2014, mobile will be the dominant form of internet browsing. Is your business ready? The transition is happening now!

World Politics Review was looking for a way to make its content smartphone- and tablet-friendly and was not satisfied with the expensive, complicated solutions that other designers and developers had proposed. In our first conversation with Fast Forward Marketing, they introduced us to the idea of responsive web design, and it immediately seemed like the right solution for us. Everything Fast Forward Marketing told us about RWD checked out when we ran the concept by other developers we trusted. We proceeded to get a quote from Fast Forward Marketing and a New York-based company that had come highly recommended. FastF's price was significantly better, and the timeline they proposed meant our solution could go live quicker than we expected. Once the project started, Fast Forward Marketing was very easy to work with, and they followed through on everything that they promised in their proposal. The final product is a website that is optimized for any platform -- desktop, tablet or smartphone -- and one that our users love. Even better, the financial benefits we are reaping from increased subscription sales and savings on native-application licensing and maintenance means this project will pay for itself in a matter of months."

-Hampton Stephens, Publisher, World Politics Review

Are visitors finding a streamlined, fast loading mobile version with easy-to-click buttons and readable text? Or are they arriving at your full desktop website that loads slow on a mobile internet connection and requires your visitors to zoom in to read text?

Often times, a website depends on drop-down menus for navigation, but these don't work very well on mobile browsers. Our mobile websites are designed to match the branding of your current site. Our mobile websites are optimized for a smart phone user by utilizing elements such as large buttons, easy to read text without zooming in, and sometimes trimmed down info so the user can get right down to business and find what they’re looking for.

It is important to stay on top of mobile web technology and have a mobile version of your website. People are using smart phones and tablets more and more these days for surfing the internet in and out of the house. A mobile version of your site will allow you to connect to the millions of users utilizing mobile web browsing. Without it, a user might have a hard time navigating and reading your desktop site, which often means leaving your site and going to a competitor.

That is just unacceptable.

FastF can use two different methods to serve up your mobile website.

Responsive web design

Responsive web design changes the look of the website based on the size of the screen. Not all phones and tablets are made the same size so this offers a universal design that will look great on all screens. The benefit of this method is that no matter what device you’re viewing on, it's the same content. The method is not only elegant, but it is the way much of the web is headed. FastF's website is built using this technology. On a desktop you can see how the website adapts to a smaller screen size by dragging the right edge of the browser window to make it more narrow.

Mobile Version

The other method uses code that detects a visitor’s device and then serves up a unique mobile version for that specific device. Once a visitor is on the mobile version of the website, they have the option to view the full desktop version by a simple click of a link. Having this option allows visitors who don’t particularly enjoy mobile versions of sites to surf the web their own way.

This method also allows for serving up different content for mobile users, which may be a plus if your desktop site is too complex and text heavy.

Don’t let your business get left behind by the technology train. Mobile websites are becoming a business standard and are very profitable when utilized correctly. At FastF, we create easy to use and awesome looking sites that a business owner can be proud of. Give us a call, 813-251-0043, for a free consultation on the prospects of a mobile website you’re your company.

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