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Email Account Management

You can manage your own email accounts such as changing passwords and setting up auto-responders (like “on vacation” notices) through the hosting control panel (login sent separately). We can also assist with such if needed.

We usually initially set all accounts with the same password. If you change these or set up new accounts yourself, we require your use of secure passwords. Insecure passwords make it easy for your email account to be hacked and used to send volumes of spam, which affects all users of our servers and may get you blacklisted by ISPs or for you to show up on a list of spammers.

Secure passwords have 7 or 8 characters including at least one number, at least one lower case and at least one upper case (capital) letter, and no recognizable words or names, nor any obvious sequence of numbers such 1-2-3-4-5-6.

There are many possibilities for email account set up, such as multiple email addresses going to the same inbox, email being forwarded to another address, one email address going to multiple different email addresses, email accessible from two different computers, etc. Contact us for help.

We have no set limits on number of email accounts, volume of email sent or received or amount of email stored on server. We reserve the right to set limits at any time or in any specific situation if this gets completely out of hand.

We also require email usage to be within the law particularly the U.S. CAN-SPAM Act and that no actions be taken resulting in blacklisting of your email accounts or your being enrolled on a list of spammers. Please contact us if there are any questions about this. We aren’t the Thought Police but we do have to set reasonable limits out of necessity.

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