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Email Issues

If we host your website including hosting your email, FastF provides tech support for difficulties you may be experiencing. However, email problems can occur in many places besides on your website server, and we are not responsible for these. Before calling us you may be able to solve the problem quickly and easily by following this checklist:

A. If your email has been working and suddenly stops working (can’t send any emails, can’t receive, or both) , these are the first things to check:

1. Are you connected to the Internet? Open a web browser and try to go to a website you don’t normally go to and see if it works (If you go to a page you have been to recently, your browser may pull the page off your hard drive).

2. Are there other computers in your office which are able to send and receive email? If they are, the problem is with your computer or email settings. If one or more emails are stuck in your outbox, try moving them into your inbox, then double click and click send to try sending them again. Try restarting your email client, and if that doesn’t work, try restarting your computer.

3. Can you access your email through webmail?

Your ISP such as RoadRunner, Comcast or Verizon provides the connection between your computer and the Internet. Even though you do have an Internet connection, there may still be a problem on their end affecting email only, if you use an email client such as Outlook or Outlook Express.

Try accessing your email through your browser (webmail). If you can, the problem is almost certainly with your ISP’s email server. If you can’t, make sure you have the correct password.

4. Check your email account settings. If they’ve somehow gotten changed, everything else could be fine and yet mysteriously your email will stop working. This isn’t common, but it can happen.

5. Call FastF for help.

B. If you are setting up a new email address or on a new computer, and can’t get it to work:

Go through the same checklist above except of course on number 4, make sure the settings are correct in the first place.

C. Email you send is sometimes not arriving at the other end or gets bounced:

Again, there are many reasons why you can’t send certain emails or to certain email addresses. These are not usually FastF’s responsibility. We’ll try and help you anyway, if you don’t have a computer person on-staff or who does this kind of thing for you. But first please check these things:

1. The most common reason for an email not arriving at the other end is that it actually DID arrive but went into their junk folder.

2. The second most common reason is a typo in the email address. If this is the case you will usually get an “undeliverable” bounce message but not always.

3. Some emails are going to get swallowed by the Internet or blocked by spam filters. If you send an email, it doesn’t arrive at the other end, and you don’t get any bounce message, the first thing to do is try sending it again.

If it still doesn’t arrive, it may be they have their server spam filters set on too high a setting. Ask them to lower their spam filter threshold or to “whitelist” your email address or domain.

4. If you have gotten onto a blacklist, some of your emails may stop arriving. There are many blacklists, different ISPs utilize different blacklists plus usually have their own internal lists. You can check if you are on a blacklist by going to and following the instructions.

If you are not, check if ALL your emails to certain ISPs (such as Comcast or AOL email addresses) are blocked or bounced- but to no other addresses. If that is the case the issue is with that ISP and you will need to take it up with them. This usually only happens if you have actually been spamming either sending out volumes of unsolicited emails and not handling spam reports or ask-off requests or someone has hijacked your email address and used it to spam.

5. If you get a bounce message, read it. Some of these explain what is going on, such as their mailbox is full, or it is simply a warning message and the system is still trying to deliver the email.

6. Call us if you need help. We do have some additional resources for investigating. We will need as much information as possible, including a copy of an original email you tried to send, plus the bounce message, in order to investigate the issue.

D. Email sent to you sometimes doesn’t reach you:

The same checklist as C above applies exactly, only in reverse.

Again, we encourage you to go through this checklist before calling us. If you do need our assistance, we may need to log onto your computer remotely in order to check settings and run tests.

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