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Email Server Moves

We'll need to make the switch at a time when everyone has downloaded any email to their accounts, to ensure nothing is lost.

If anyone keeps email on the server (such as if using webmail, or IMAP protocol), that email will be lost when the site is moved unless specific measures are taken to transfer the email from the old to the new server. Your IT provider can handle this for you if you need assistance with it.

Within a few minutes after we make the switch, your email will probably stop working. You'll then need to change settings in your email programs as above. Your email will most likely then start working again immediately.

You may need to exit out of your email program and restart it, or to reboot your computer. If any outgoing email is stuck, move it into your inbox, open it then click send again.

If there are problems, please double check settings especially password and that you have the full email address for your user name. Then if still not working, contact your IT provider or our Customer Service Manager for assistance.

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