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Email Accounts - Webmail

Email can be accessed on our servers using Webmail. Just go to webmail.{your domain name} and enter your full email address and password. This provides an easy way to access your email if you are away from your computer. However, email downloaded onto your computer (as in Outlook) is usually automatically deleted from your server and no longer accessible through webmail. This can be changed in most email clients (programs like Outlook).

Some users handle all their email using Webmail. There is no problem with this unless you just leave all your email on the server. It will accumulate to a point where allowed storage limits are exceeded. At that point it will not be possible to receive new email until some old email is deleted.

When you first log into your webmail, you will see a display showing how much storage you are using, and what the allowed limit is.

If you need to delete large numbers of emails at a time, go into options and “Mailbox and Folder Display Options” and increase the number of emails displayed per screen. One screen’s worth can all be selected and deleted at one time.

You should also be aware that accessing your sent emails on the server is dependent on the email being on that server. Unless special measure are taken to copy or move it, all emails on the server including those sent and in your in box will be lost if you move your email to another hosting provider.

The same is true if your email account is turned into a forwarder (to another email address).

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