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Email Settings

Your hosting service comes with essentially a many email addresses as you want. We have completed the initial set up your email accounts based on information you provided.

To use webmail (through a web browser such as Internet Explorer), access is at http://webmail.{domain name}. Log in using your complete email address and password.

If you are using an email client such as Outlook or Apple Mail, settings are as follows:

User name: must be the full email address. Note: This is case sensitive.
Password: {sent separately}
Secure Password Authentication: leave unchecked
Incoming (POP3) server: mail.{domain name}
More settings / Advanced: Incoming port 110 (the usual default)

Outgoing (SMTP) server settings (for our server):
It is usually up to you whether to use our SMTP server or that of your ISP. For a laptop that may be used with different ISPs, you’ll want to use our server. Most ISP’s limit the quantity of mail you can send (we have no set limit). Your ISP may also have rules that either require or prohibit use of our server for your outgoing mail.

Outgoing (SMTP server: mail.{domain name}
More settings / Outgoing server: Outgoing server requires authentication, use
same settings as incoming.

More settings / Advanced: Outgoing port 25, no encryption (this is the usual default setting). If port 25 doesn’t work (Verizon is one ISP that blocks it) use port 587.

Spam filtering

Our servers have a robust spam filtering system. The initial (default) settings may or may not work well for you, but we can make adjustments.

If you have any problem with receiving too much spam, or, if legitimate email is not getting through, please contact us for assistance.

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