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Google Privacy Policy Requirements as of May 17, 2011

1. Advertisers who collect any of the following personal information must provide a clear, accessible explanation of how the information might be used, as well as a simple, effective way to opt out of future direct communications. Items marked with an asterisk (*) must be transmitted over a secure (SSL - https:) connection:

Full name
Email address
Mailing address
Phone number
Mother's maiden name or birth date in addition to any of the above information
*Credit and debit card numbers
*Bank and investment account numbers
*Checking account numbers
*Wire transfer numbers
*National identity, pension, social security, tax ID, health care, or driver's license number

Following are the specific points that must be covered by the privacy policy:

1. Clearly explain what information is collected, what the information will be used for, and what a user can expect after entering their information.

2. Give options to limit the use of a user's personal information, such as the ability to opt out of receiving newsletters. Opt-out mechanisms should also be clearly labeled and easily located. It is also recommended that the opt-out boxes are unchecked by default. "Opt-out" covers future emails, phone calls, or other direct communications.

3. If you collect personal information, a link to the privacy policy must be clearly visible on the site. Your description must also be easily accessible before site visitors submit their details.

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